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Welcome to Atlantic Mortgage & Finance Corp’s ITIN Loan Program, specifically designed for individuals holding an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). We are committed to helping ITIN holders achieve homeownership with a range of tailored mortgage solutions.

What is an ITIN Loan?

An ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) loan offers a specialized financing option for individuals lacking a Social Security Number (SSN) but holding an ITIN, aiming to buy a home in the United States. Tailored for non-U.S. citizens, such as immigrants and foreign nationals residing or employed in the U.S., this loan type facilitates homeownership opportunities without the need for conventional U.S. documentation.

What are the Benefits of a ITIN Loan?

Pathway to Homeownership: ITIN loans serve as an essential financial resource for those lacking an SSN, enabling them to attain homeownership, which enhances community stability and supports the accumulation of personal wealth.

Broadening Financial Participation: Catering to non-traditional credit histories and alternative forms of documentation, ITIN loans advance financial inclusion for communities that are often underserved.

Real Estate Investment Potential: These loans provide immigrants and foreign nationals with a gateway to participate in the U.S. real estate market, offering a chance for substantial personal and economic advancement.

What are Key Features of a ITIN Loan?

Eligibility Criteria: Designed for individuals holding an ITIN rather than an SSN, applicants are required to show their ability to repay the loan through evidence of income, employment, and credit history.

Credit Evaluation: Given the likelihood of applicants lacking a traditional U.S. credit history, lenders may review alternative forms of credit information, such as rental history, utility bill payments, and bank statements, to assess creditworthiness.

Down Payment Requirements: ITIN loans often necessitate a larger down payment relative to standard mortgages, with the precise figure fluctuating based on lender guidelines and the applicant’s financial condition.

Interest Rate Considerations: Interest rates on ITIN loans can exceed those associated with conventional mortgages, mirroring the elevated risk perceived by the lender. Nonetheless, terms and rates differ significantly across lenders.

Applicable Property Types: ITIN loans are applicable for a broad spectrum of property acquisitions, including single-family homes, condos, and multifamily dwellings, supporting both primary residences and investment ventures.

How to Qualify For a ITIN Loan

  • Initial Consultation: Discuss your property goals and financial situation with our experts.
  • Collection: Submit the required personal and financial documentation for evaluation.
  • Loan Assessment: Your application undergoes processing and is evaluated based on our criteria for Foreign National loans.
  • Completion and Settlement: Following approval, we guide you through finalizing your loan and completing the transaction.

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