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Asset Depletion Mortgages offer a pathway to homeownership for those with significant assets but non-traditional income. By leveraging liquid assets to qualify, this loan type is ideal for retirees, investors, and high-net-worth individuals seeking to use their financial reserves for mortgage approval, without the need for standard income verification.

What is an Asset Depletion Loan?

An asset depletion mortgage, also referred to as an asset-based mortgage, is an advantageous option provided by Atlantic Mortgage & Finance Corp. This unique mortgage allows borrowers to qualify for a loan based on their liquid assets rather than relying solely on their income. By leveraging their substantial asset balances, borrowers can secure a mortgage without the requirement of providing tax returns during the application process. This mortgage type is particularly beneficial for individuals facing challenges in demonstrating consistent income. Trust Atlantic Mortgage & Finance Corp to help you obtain a mortgage that aligns with your financial circumstances and goals for your Florida home loan.

Who Can Benefit from an Asset Depletion Mortgage? 

Atlantic Mortgage & Finance Corp recognizes the unique challenges faced by first-time homebuyers, including limited down payments and lower credit scores. That’s why we proudly offer FHA loans, which feature more flexible underwriting guidelines. These loans are specifically designed to cater to individuals who may not meet the requirements of conventional loans. Qualifying for an FHA loan is simple; just meet the basic criteria outlined below. Our program is particularly suited for individuals with fluctuating income but substantial asset holdings, such as self-employed individuals with lower reported income, borrowers with minimal or no income but significant assets, as well as retirees or those nearing retirement. Explore the possibility of qualifying for an FHA loan now.

How to Qualify for an Asset Depletion Loan?

Obtaining an Asset Depletion Loan requires a thorough examination of your financial resources to assess your eligibility. Here’s a simplified guide to navigate through the application process and ensure you’re well-prepared.


  • Documentation of Assets
    Collect comprehensive records of all your liquid assets, such as savings accounts, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and retirement accounts. Make sure these documents are current and accurately represent your financial situation.
  • Asset Assessment
    Your lender will evaluate your assets to determine their market value and liquidity level. Expect some assets to be adjusted in value based on their volatility or liquidity. A clear and detailed asset portfolio will facilitate this evaluation.
  • Income Calculation from Assets
    Lenders will apply a specific formula to transform your asset value into an equivalent income figure. This typically involves dividing your total liquid assets by a set number of months, projecting the income your assets could yield throughout the loan’s duration.
  • Fulfilling Lender’s Criteria
    Beyond asset documentation, you’ll need to meet additional lender prerequisites, such as maintaining a good credit score and keeping a low debt-to-income ratio. Familiarize yourself with these criteria, as they can vary by lender.
  • Loan Application Process
    After assembling all required documents and verifying that you meet the lender’s standards, proceed to submit your Asset Depletion Loan application. Be ready for possible follow-up inquiries or additional documentation requests during the lender’s review.

Our Ocala Asset Depletion Loan Programs

Asset Depletion Loans provide versatile financing options for individuals who possess significant assets but have irregular income patterns. Familiarizing yourself with the different types available can assist in selecting the most suitable choice for your financial needs. Below is an overview of the Asset Depletion Loans we offer:

  • Standard Asset Depletion Loans: These loans are perfect for applicants who seek a direct method to leverage their assets for loan approval. We determine your eligibility by evaluating your liquid assets and converting them into an equivalent income stream, facilitating a seamless qualification process without the necessity for conventional income proofs.
  • Interest-Only Asset Depletion Loans: Ideal for those who prefer lower monthly payments initially, these loans allow borrowers to pay just the interest for a predetermined period, before transitioning to payments that include both the principal and interest. This option is especially beneficial for individuals anticipating an increase in their liquidity or income shortly.
  • Hybrid Asset Depletion Loans: Hybrid loans offer the versatility of asset depletion combined with other income sources. Whether you have partial employment income, rental earnings, or other income streams, this loan type enables us to consider both your liquid assets and additional income during the qualification process, providing a more encompassing solution for securing your loan.
  • Full Asset-Based Loans: Tailored for individuals with extensive assets, Full Asset-Based Loans encompass both your liquid and non-liquid assets. This alternative is ideal for borrowers looking to utilize a wider array of assets, such as real estate, investment portfolios, and other significant holdings, for loan approval.

Identifying the Ideal Match

The choice of the right Asset Depletion Loan hinges on your financial objectives, asset portfolio, and plans for managing your assets and income over time. Our team is committed to assisting you in exploring these options, ensuring you choose a loan that closely matches your financial strategy and homebuying goals.

Discover Your Options Now

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