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Simplify Your Path to Real Estate Investment with Florida DSCR Loans.

Embark on Your Florida Real Estate Investment Journey with Florida DSCR Loans

Facing hurdles in the traditional loan approval process due to stringent income checks? Welcome to the world of DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio) Loans, where Florida DSCR Loans shift the focus from your personal financial standing to the income potential of the property you are eyeing.

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How DSCR Loans Work:

Property Income Evaluation:

  • The primary factor for loan qualification is the income your property generates or is expected to generate.

  • Your personal financial standing takes a backseat, making the process less daunting.

Flexible Credit Score Requirements:

  • While many traditional loans demand high credit scores, DSCR Loans offer more leniency.

  • Some programs accept credit scores as low as 575, making it a more accessible option for a broader range of investors.

Straightforward Approval:

  • The approval process is streamlined with less paperwork, ensuring a quicker response.

  • Say goodbye to the long waiting periods typical of traditional loan approvals.

Investor-Friendly Terms:

  • Whether you are a seasoned investor or a newcomer, the simplified income qualifications of DSCR Loans make it an appealing choice.

Eligible Property Types for DSCR Loans

Understanding eligible property types is crucial when you consider financing with a Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) loan. We have DSCR loans to cover a wide array of investment property types, matching various investment strategies. Below, we detail the property types our DSCR loans cover:

Single-Family Residences (SFRs):

These units are ideal for investors seeking to rent out standalone dwellings.


These units serve investors well, especially those purchasing individual units within a larger complex that offers shared maintenance and amenities.


These properties merge the individuality of an SFR with the shared benefits of a condominium, making them attractive to both renters and investors.

2-4 Unit Properties:

Residential buildings featuring up to four distinct units strike a profitable balance between management and investment returns, making them ideal for residential DSCR loans.

5-8 Unit Multi-Family Properties:

We provide options for investors targeting properties with five to eight units, recognizing the increased management they require and the potential for higher returns.

Up to 24 Unit Properties:

Financing solutions for 9-24 unit properties, aimed at maximizing management and investment returns.

DSCR Formula Simplified:

The Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) is determined by dividing the Net Operating Income (NOI) of the property by the total debt service. A ratio of 1 or above is favorable as it indicates the property generates enough income to cover its debt obligations.

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