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Bad Credit Loan

What is a Bad Credit Loan?

Many people in the U.S. have trouble keeping their credit scores up. If you’ve gone through something like bankruptcy or not paying a debt on time, sometimes referred to as a Credit Event, it can really hurt your credit score. This can make it tough to get the loan you need to buy a house.

If you have recently hsomething recently happened that dropped your credit score, you might want to look into a special kind of loan. These loans are for people with lower credit scores to help them get a mortgage and buy a home. Our special loans for people with credit issues are easier to qualify for, so you can still aim to buy a home.

Who Can Benefit from a Bad Credit Loan? 

Life’s financial journey isn’t always a straight path. Unexpected events, economic downturns, and personal decisions can lead to situations that affect your creditworthiness. Recognizing the challenges you face is the first step towards recovery and financial stability. If you’ve encountered any of the following credit events, a bad credit loan may be the beacon of hope you need:

  • Filing for Bankruptcy: A daunting choice for many, declaring bankruptcy has long-term effects on your credit score, lasting anywhere from seven to ten years. It’s a legal process that can provide relief but also marks a significant setback in your credit history.

  • Foreclosure, Deed in Lieu, or Short Sale: Losing a home due to financial difficulties is a distressing experience that not only affects your living situation but also severely damages your credit score.

  • Defaulting on Payments: Missed or late payments on loans and debts are among the most common reasons for credit score declines. Such events signal to lenders a higher risk associated with your financial commitments.

  • Restructuring Debt: Sometimes, negotiating new terms for your debt is necessary to avoid more severe credit consequences. While this can offer temporary relief, it also indicates financial distress.

  • Obligation Acceleration: If you’re in a situation where a loan has defaulted and the entire balance is demanded, it can be a stressful scenario that negatively impacts your credit standing.

  • Repudiation/Moratorium: Refusing or being unable to honor the terms of a financial agreement can further degrade your credit and trustworthiness in the eyes of lenders.

How Soon After a Credit Event Can You Qualify For a Bad Credit Loan?

Florida Home Loans by Atlantic Mortgage & Finance Corp offers bad credit home loans as soon as one day out from your bankruptcy, short sale, deed in lieu, or foreclosure. The longer you wait between the credit event and applying for a mortgage, the better loan terms you can qualify for. Waiting for one or two years can significantly impact interest rates, leading to thousands of dollars in savings over time. Ideally, loan terms are most favorable at about four years out. However, if you are in immediate need, Florida Home Loans by Atlantic Mortgage & Finance Corp can still assist you in finding a solution. Our personalized loans come with competitive interest rates compared to other lenders. Our knowledgeable loan specialists will work closely with you, reviewing your financial situation and needs, to tailor a loan specifically for your circumstances. Trust Florida Home Loans by Atlantic Mortgage & Finance Corp to provide the best options for your bad credit home loan needs.

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