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Asset Depletion Mortgage

What is an Asset Depletion Mortgage?

An asset depletion mortgage, also known as an asset-based mortgage, is a beneficial option offered by Florida Home Loans. This unique mortgage allows borrowers to qualify for a loan based on their liquid assets rather than solely relying on their income. By leveraging their significant asset balances, borrowers can secure a mortgage without the need to provide tax returns during the application process. This type of mortgage is particularly advantageous for individuals who may encounter challenges in demonstrating consistent income. Trust Florida Home Loans to assist you in obtaining a mortgage that aligns with your financial circumstances and goals.

Who Can Benefit from an Asset Depletion Mortgage? 

Florida Home Loans understands that first-time homebuyers often face the challenge of smaller down payments or lower credit scores. That’s why we offer FHA loans with more flexible underwriting guidelines. These loans are designed to appeal to those who may not meet the conventional loan requirements. To qualify for an FHA loan, borrowers need to meet certain basic requirements. Take a look below to see if you qualify for an FHA loan.

This program is ideal for individuals with fluctuating income but substantial asset holdings, such as:

  • Self-employed individuals with low reported income
  • Borrowers with minimal or no income but considerable assets
  • Retirees or those nearing retirement

Looking to understand how an Asset Depletion Mortgage works? Florida Home Loans has got you covered. Discover the ins and outs of this unique lending option and take the next steps towards securing your dream home.

At Florida Home Loans, we utilize a formula to assess the depletion of your assets, determining a monthly cash flow that serves as a trusted reference for your loan’s monthly income.

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